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Passionate about the evolving nature of art, architecture, design, branding and technology and their impact on popular culture? Fascinated by what’s new, innovative and cutting edge? Interested in the what, why and how of consumer behavior? Then, this is the blog for you.  Written by an Irish ex-Londoner in New York, l-e-mental is a composite reportage of developments within the New York creative community and beyond.  A collection of stories, inspirational quotes, innovative ideas, insightful recommendations, brand and trend examples, and ‘on-the ground’ visuals that capture the spirit of tomorrow, today: essential, fundamental, l-e-mental reading.


At a parent-teacher meeting in secondary school, my chemistry teacher informed my mother that I wanted to know everything.  Nothing much has changed. I still want to know everything, but have long since accepted that I know very little. Nonetheless, my enthusiasm for discovery, (some may refer to this as curiosity), drives my obsessions with the intersection of art, architecture, design, entertainment, and technology, and their impact on popular culture and brands. Not surprising, my favorite word remains ‘why’, my favorite question ‘what if?’.

I believe the rising brands of tomorrow are those that have a meaning system consistent with socially aware citizens and exhibit congruence between corporate behavior, product attributes, and brand culture. I’m fascinated by the merging boundaries between consumerism, corporate social responsibility, technology, sustainable design and the power of networks and connections. I’m especially interested in finding links between seemingly unconnected ideads to provide creative and meaningful insights.

I’m a thinker, a questioner, a wonderer, a dreamer, a carer, a debater and a doer. At work and at play I like to listen, look and read voraciously. I get excited; by people, by places, by art, by design, by nature. I love to travel, meet new people and try out new experiences. I value real people and raw emotion. I believe in surrounding yourself with people who offer inspiration in the smallest of acts, the simplest of words. We weren’t meant to go it alone, there is no ‘us’ (people) and ‘them’ (business) – we’re in this together. What goes around comes around – why be cruel when you can be kind? If it’s meant for you, it won’t pass you by. Passion is infectious. Curiosity is fun. Be passionate. Be curious.



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