How to Buy a Motorcycle GPS Unit?

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle you will know that they are designed to be lightweight a fast, however on the problems with being lightweight and fast is that they do not come with many luxuries and therefore and in-built GPS unit is out of the question which begs the question, how are you meant to know where you are going? Well you have a couple of choices. You can either buy some kind of GPS unit or you can get lost and find your direction by nothing more than pure luck.

When riding a motorcycle and after you have decided that you want to buy a GPS you have a few choices for which type of GPS unit you want to buy. You can buy a good Motorcycle GPS unit which you can mount on the handle bars of your motorbike, you can buy a good watch GPS unit which you can wear on your wrist or you can buy a good portable gps unit which you can mount on your handle bars or keep in your pocket. All these types of GPS units come with their added benefits and drawbacks.

Motocycle GPS Unit

Buying a specific Motorcycle GPS Unit is a fantastic way of getting from point A to point B to the best possible time and having a GPS unit that has been design specifically for your bike. This type of device will provide you with good turn by turn, spoken direction and come with added features such as bluetooth to help you pair you mobile phone to your GPS unit so that you can take phone calls. There are many Motorcycle GPS Unit models to choose from with a range of sizes, features and prices to suit all budgets. The downside is that you have to store this type of GPS when you are not using it which can be a problem if you have not taken a bag with you. Even the smallest unit will not easily fit into your pocket and to be honest they are quite expensive for a good model.

Watch GPS Unit

A watch gps unit will fit onto your wrist and give you directions to your destination. In principle this type of GPS is a great idea as it will give you your location and tell you where to go all from your wrist, however in reality they do not work quite as well as this and often due the small screen, rather than showing you your location on a map they will simple tell you the direction to head in, however they are small and can be taken everywhere with you. Typically they will lot add lots of features, but if you want a simple watch GPS unit to tell you where you are and where you want to go then this can be a great option.

Portable GPS Unit

Portable GPS units can and often are used on the road even though they have been designed really for use on the tracks and trails. This means that you do no get turn by turn directions, but it does give you a good overview of the road ahead and the direction that you should be taking. They can also tell you where to go if you want to take your motorbike off road and into the beaten track, however again you’re going to need to mount your unit onto your bike, however these type of Garmin portable GPS units are small enough that they can fit into your pocket so that you can carry them around.

The choice of which gps unit you should buy is quite difficult but hopefully this post will have shown you some of the advantages of each type of model. The last bit of advice we could give you to buy a GPS unit is to stick to the brand names such as Garmin and TomTom as these are major GPS manufactures that have been in production for many years and have learnt from all there mistakes that they have made in the past.

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