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Adam Ellis, design director of brand agency [Coley Porter Bell (CPB)] has rekindled his love affair with ice-cream in a van and hopes you will too. Say hello to Scoop. “I was inspired when, recently, I bought my four-year-old daughter an ice cream, and the whole theatre of my childhood came flooding back. Wouldn’t it be great to relive the excitement of getting butterflies when you heard that kitsch music playing from around the corner?” Playing on that sense of nostalgia, Scoop breathes life into the run rice cookers down image of selling ice cream on the streets. Taking a blinged out van fitted with chandelier and a host of fancy puddings, Scoop brings boutique eating to the masses. And with flavours including Turkish Delight, organic champagne and traditional marmalade, it’s not exactly child’s play. Delivering it all in bespoke cutlery, who said Mr Whippy was just for kids?

So far Scoop has only been available in London’s East End, but Ellis has big plans for the summer. “I’d like to do music festivals, art galleries, weddings, anything with that sense of theatre”. Last year during London’s Design Week designer [Tom Dixon] staged a takeover of London’s Trafalgar Square, joining forces with The Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Group to fill the popular tourist attraction with 500 chairs moulded from polystrene. Londoners were then invited to take them away for free, in what has become known as ‘the great chair grab’.

Why? Dixon was curious to see the future value placed upon these chairs created from an accessible everyday material – whether people will be content to appreciate them as objects in their own right, or sell them on eBay.  What really fascinates me about this project is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of free giveaways and social experimentation. Free content is one of the most talked about subjects on the web. I wonder where the future lies in terms of clothes steamer brands giving away free stuff and the interesting, community building, social exchanges that will take place thereafter. If you consider the cost of a billboard in Times Square (GOOD Magazine have some great price comparisons in their current edition) and the lack of impact they have in the most cluttered advertising playground of the world, just think of the incredible potential in the freebie arena.  I read about Klein Dytham Architects’ 20 seconds slide shows ages ago,(think it was the time of the nature – mankind – technology research – check out their ultra cool so it’s great to hear that their ultra forward-thinking and inspiring night are so making serious waves in the London creative community.

So, what pray tell is Pecha Kucha?

The Japanese term ‘Pecha Kucha’ roughly translates as ‘chit-chat.’ Up to fourteen participants get to show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, meaning the audience experiences an exhilarating range of speakers and images over the course of the evening. There’s also music, drinking and the inevitable exchange of ideas that occurs when you get so many architects, designers, artists and so on together in the same room.

The Pecha Kucha format was formulated by the Tokyo-based outfit. Marcus Fairs and design writer and curator [Max Fraser]have brought the event to the UK and organise all events across the country. In London, they have teamed up with at the with a series of events planned throughout the year.

With the below brand values how could you not?

  • We value personal growth.
  • We value mindful choice.
  • We value an individual’s ability to effect change.
  • We value optimism.
  • We value community.
  • We value integrity.
  • We value a diversity of opinions.
  • We value responsibility to our community and our planet.
  • We value simplicity and a life in balance.
  • We value a model for success in which all stakeholders share.
  • We value inspiration and encourage innovation.

The design duo made up of Toby Hadden and Dave Cameron are aiming to have 5 to 10 taxis driven by graduating design students from British Universities, providing complimentary rides to private views and parties.  The intention is to promote Young British Design and provide an opportunity for students to show their work, meet and greet VIP’s in the Design Industry, and to experience one of the biggest Design Exhibitions at the most affordable of prices.  Not surprising, the boys have had great interest so far from Universities, designers, design magazines, design companies and even broadcasting companies! The only thing that they are missing is some financial sponsorship. click here

Who amongst you is associated with some cool and groovy brand that SHOULD be part of this clever idea? Who so ever you are, get in touch with &made now!



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