Want To Buy A SatNav? Here’s What You Need To Know

In the past satnavs had a reputation for taking car drivers down all the wrong roads, however given that technological know-how has advanced over the last few years, now when you input the exact address you can expect to receive instructions, an approximate time of arrival and any other information you require. Generally speaking there are two types of SatNav’s, a free standing model or an app downloaded onto your current cell phone.


Usually the more you choose, the greater the price. If all your driving is done in the united kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, then a basic satnav model will definitely be effective. Alternatively you can also buy satnavs that cover france and perhaps further afield. On many gps models there are even upgraded maps at a later stage that you either pay for when needed, or that are 100% free – sometimes for a whole year or others for the lifespan of the satnav.

Monitor Length and Width

Road safety is significant therefore you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to see the direction plan, so it’s good to review the display screen size and then confirm you are comfortable with it. Most SatNav units range between 4 and 7 inches. Various GPS units offer a camera alarm, warning you every time identified speed cameras are in front of you. These kinds of systems typically will show the speed limit of the highway, as well as your present speed. Do check your sat-nav with regards to whether it provides updates free of charge.

On higher-end units traffic updates may be an option, alerting you of problems on the road ahead, either shifting your current arrival time accordingly or maybe providing you with an alternative route.


These models are will have been recommended by and whilst they provide the cheapest satnav’s on the market, prices are varible and will depend upon where you buy it however Amazon is a good option.  The TomTom road master which includes maps of the United Kingdom and even Western Europe. It provides free of charge map updates for the longevity of the unit and voice command that allows you to take control of your system with your voice and hands-free calling. The second best sat nav unit is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 3197LMT with full Europe life time maps and traffic, speed camera warns and hands-free calls. It guides by letting you know of actual landmarks, as an example “turn left after the park”. Despite the fact that well rated, it comes with a considerable price tag.

Software Applications

Mobile phone applications have matured and now given the performance of most smart phones the directions that are provides are nearly as good as the free standing models. Even so often the display is actually not large enough to see the maps on specifically any time a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an incoming call the gps navigation changes to cell phone mode, which might be distracting.

Two Types

Type A is a network driven free of charge App for Android and IOS that enables you to share driver-useful information with other people on the road. It is easy to actively report accidents, hazards and street alerts, and it even tells you where the fuel stations are en-route, generally with current cost of fuel. For a totally free app it’s amazing, although it lags your journey slightly more in comparison with a satnav.

CoPilot Live Premium UK & Ireland is a great app that offers you approximately 3 additional routes for every trip and you can choose between views. Another highlight is a totally free Active Traffic feature for twelve months that calculates the quickest route around traffic jams, giving you an estimated time of arrival.

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