Will I Really Want a GPS Unit?

Do you really need a Gps navigation Unit? The direct answer is yes you will as whilst its easy to use your Smartphone, they have a few important things which if you abuse will cause you problems. Firstly they’re very expensive meaning that when you drop your Cell phone of the floor and damage the display screen, you will have a large fee to replace it. Secondly, almost all cell phones units, are not effective well with water meaning that if you’re outside in the rain, you will not be able to use your Cell phone in case it gets wet.

The specific Top Rated Car Navigation Systems, even for the most expensive version tends to be less expensive than a low priced Cellular phone therefore if it get stolen, lost or broken the problems for your wallet is substantially less. In addition even a really cheap GPS Unit will often include a lot of great features that will help with your own routing. These features could include turn by turn guidance, in built speakers or even lane support all to allow you to find your way from point A to point B in the quickest time.

I do think its totally obvious that you do require a specific Navigation unit, yet the actual question is do you have to choose the most high-priced GPS device, or can you actually cope with the best value unit on the market. Typically large, highly-priced GPS devices have a lot of features that you do not really need and therefore you will have essentially spent lavishly on functions that you really need not have got.

Unless you are going to do some major cross country driving, you really need to have traffic alerts? The honest answer is that whilst these are great to have, the additional cost means that you can quite happily do without them.  Choose a GPS unit that comes with beneficial features, but functions that you are planning to use. If you are not likely to use the features then there is really no reason in getting this model and you could as well spare the money and buy a more affordable unit.

On the same note as this, if you are going to do some serious cross country driving in your RV or Truck, make sure that you buy a GPS unit that is specifically designed for that mode of transport. There really is no point in buying the best car GPS device on the market if in fact your planning on taking your truck or RV out for a drive. If this is you, make sure that you buy a Truck or RV specific device as it will come with lots of features that have been specifically designed for you. Some of the great RV GPS Unit are by brand named companies such as TomTom or Garmin. Garmin for example make a the TomTom GO 6200 Reviews which is specifically designed for trucking and comes with software that will take you out of the way of any low bridges or away from restricted zones.

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